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Best Horror Movies 2023 list


Best Horror Movies in 2023 was a different story altogether, with everything from low-budget productions to big-budget Hollywood sequels making waves. Here are some honorable mentions before the top slots are revealed:

“Saw X” — Despite being the tenth installment in the venerable franchise, “Saw X” (Best Horror Movies 2023)adopts a significantly more traditional approach by traveling back in time and centering the story around the scary Jigsaw killer, John Kramer. Kramer uses every trick in the book to exact revenge on the phony physicians after being tricked into paying for a fictitious miraculous surgery that seems to heal his cancer. The film avoids some of the needlessly intricate narrative of previous chapters by traveling back in time, and it is full of stomach-churning turns and traps.

“Sick” — Co-writer of “Sick” and “Scream,” Kevin Williamson(Best Horror Movies 2023), also created this low-key COVID film, which was a cozy mystery that fit in perfectly on streaming. The film was mostly confined to one location, and the claustrophobic core house provided a bloody experience that overshadowed financial constraints. Even though the conclusion went a little insane, it’s good to see a classic slasher go full out, with Williamson obviously enjoying himself once more.

“The Wrath of Becky” — The sequel to the 2020 neo nazi-killing first feature, “The Wrath of Becky,”(Best Horror Movies 2023) features Lulu Wilson as adolescent assassin Becky, who goes for Proud Boy-esque goons. It is a humorous and violent genre flick. As the head of an all-male group that Becky has to stop before they inflict major damage, Seann William Scott is hilarious. They’ve slain her only companion and taken her dog, laying the groundwork for some mayhem akin to that of “Home Alone” and “John Wick.” The suspense builds in the last act, and a humorous finale begs for more.

“M3GAN” —Despite carrying a PG-13 classification, “M3GAN”(Best Horror Movies 2023)—America’s latest obsession—proved to be a box office hit and an entertaining theatrical production. Because of the 2019 “Child’s Play” revival, this tech-gone-wrong film had a shallow plot but lots of GIF-worthy deaths and viral moments to keep the momentum rolling. Hopefully, Allison Williams’ excellent performance will be furthered in the sequel, which promises to be an even darker experience.

you Have to Watch Best Horror Movies in 2023
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Story:A haunting, heartbreaking riff on the Frankenstein tale, a doctor losing her grip on reality brings a dead girl back to life — yet the child’s mother slowly realizes her baby isn’t the same.

Anchored by Judy Reyes as the bereft parent who is willing to do anything for her daughter and Marin Ireland as the doctor focused on a breakthrough at any cost, the dread and grief are dense. But director and co-writer Laura Moss is adept at managing multiple tones at once, balancing the joy of the revived little girl with the deep unease of knowing that things aren’t alright. Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating:R (Nudity|Disturbing Material|Language|Gore|Some Sexual Content)

Director:Laura Moss
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Knock At The Cabin(2023)

Story:Audiences’ mileage may vary with M. Night Shyamalan depending on the film, but this intimate apocalyptic thriller benefits from great ideas and the director’s keen eye.

Evil lurks around every corner as a small family (beautifully played by Jonathan Groff, Ben Aldridge and Kristen Cui) has their vacation in the woods interrupted by four desperate strangers, all claiming that the apocalypse will happen unless one of the family members kills another. Dave Bautista is a standout as a gentle giant teacher trying to convince the couple using his brain versus brawn. A cerebral event with a controversial ending, “Cabin” is Shyamalan’s most impactful work in years.Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating: R (Violence and Language)
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surprising ways that are surprising, with twists that are impossible to predict. Emily Tennant stars as Madison, an influencer who travels to Thailand for a paid vacation.

To say any more would ruin the nasty tricks, but the film is kept on track via realistic views of technology and the influencer economy. MVP goes to Cassandra Naud, a fellow traveler with secrets of her own. Sexy and shocking, this sun-kissed mystery is twisted enough to search out.Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating: R (Violence and Language)
Director:Kurtis David Harder
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The Blackening(2022)
A sugary treat for horror fans, “The Blackening” is one of the best genre comedies since 2000’s “Scary Movie.” Filled with wacky characters and clever twists on well-trodden tropes, “The Blackening” succeeds in throwing dozens and dozens of gags at the screen.

They might not all work, but the pace is enough to keep audiences laughing. One of the most joyous theatergoing experiences of the year, this film has already made a whopping $16 million on a $5 million budget, proving strong word of mouth is enough to fill seats. The action opens with Jay Pharoah and Yvonne Orji giving a sly nod to the “Scream” series and never letting up, even through a funny mid-credit scene. Hopefully, writers Tracy Oliver and Dewayne Perkins make a sequel to this rollicking satire. Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating: R (Pervasive Language|Drug Use|Violence)

Director:Tim Story

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Scream VI(2023)
One of the freshest chapters in the long-running slasher series is the most recent, a big surprise filled with great setpieces, nods to previous installments, and wonderful actors.

Picking up after 2022’s “Scream,” the two main sisters (Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega) have moved to New York City, only to be pursued by yet ANOTHER Ghostface. The cast rocks, with some welcome returns (Ortega, now in movie star mode; “Scream 4” alum Hayden Panettiere) and new players (“The Other Two” charmer Josh Segarra; a game Samara Weaving; Dermot Mulroney, acting to the cheap seats). It’s rare that the sixth installment of a slasher franchise can get pulses moving, but some great fight scenes and lore-building make for an electric watch. Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating: R (Language Throughout| Brief Drug Use| Strong Bloody Violence)

Director:Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett

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Brooklyn 45(2023)
Ted Geoghegan’s historical séance thriller is filled with style and heart far beyond what’s expected from a real-time movie primarily set in one room.

As a group of WWII vets gather right after the war so their friend can try to contact his recently deceased wife, they’re in for much more than they bargained for once spooky stuff starts happening. The cast of character actors exudes a lived-in feel for this group of soldiers, and key twists in the first and third acts are truly jaw-dropping. Anne Ramsay and Kristina Klebe are particularly impactful as women try to figure out how to escape their predicament, and New York horror legend Larry Fessenden delivers some delicious moments. Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating: R (Language Throughout| Brief Drug Use| Strong Bloody Violence)

Starring: Anne Ramsay, Ron E. Rains, Jeremy Holm, Larry Fessenden, Ezra Buzzington, Kristina Klebe

Director:Ted Geoghegan

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No One Will Save You(2023)
A compact, fleet alien adventure, Kaitlyn Dever is magnificent as Brynn, a troubled loner whose world is turned upside down when aliens descend upon her house.

The most interesting wrinkle is that, because of a traumatic incident in her past, she’s convinced that no one in her small town will be inclined to help her keep the extraterrestrials at bay — even if the end of the world is near. An impressive element of the film is its nearly dialogue-free script, which amps up Brynn’s isolation to unbearable levels. From the fast-moving set pieces to inspired creature design, “No One Will Save You” is a wonderful riff on a creature feature. It’s too bad Hulu didn’t release it in drive-in theaters, where it would have been a perfect fit. Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating: PG-13 (Terror|Violent Content)

Starring: Kaitlyn Dever

Director:Brian Duffield

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Deliver Us(2023)

When a nun claims that she’s pregnant through immaculate conception and expecting special twins — namely, the Messiah and the Antichrist — it’s no surprise that the Vatican wants to get involved.

This wild premise is the basis of Lee Roy Kunz and Cru Ennis’ “Deliver Us,” a gorgeously shot low-budget film that relies on fire and brimstone imagery to bring unease. Consistently bubbling with gory, unsettling ideas, the journey of Father Fox (played by Kunz) and his examination of Sister Yulia (Maria Vera Ratti) is constantly oscillating between dreams and reality, metaphors and the literal. Offering outrageous images with gorgeous settings, lighting and cinematography, “Deliver Us” is a unique recommendation for audiences seeking something both over-the-top and deathly serious. Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating:  (Terror|Violent Content)

Starring:Lee Roy Kunz, Maria Vera Ratti, Alexander Siddig, Jaune Kimmel,
Thomas Kretschmann

Director:Lee Roy Kunz, Cru Ennis
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In My Mother’s Skin(2023)

A supremely unsettling fairy tale set at the end of World War II, “In My Mother’s Skin” is a Filipino film about a young girl named Tala (Felicity Kyle Napuli)

who must protect her little brother Bayani (James Mavie Estrella) and sick mother Ligaya (Beauty Gonzalez) when their father is taken away for potentially hiding gold from Japanese soldiers. As the trio begins to run out of food and resources, a beautiful fairy (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) begins offering hope, as evil spreads in Ligaya. “Skin” doesn’t reinvent the wheel but does a very solid job of genre mishmash, mixing Guillermo del Toro’s dark dreams and infusing them with possession horror and troubling gore. A nearly overwhelming slab of darkness, “Skin” is gorgeous and brutal until the last frame. Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating:  Horror, Mystery & thriller

Starring:Beauty Gonzalez, Felicity Kyle Napuli,
Jasmine Curtis-Smith, James Mavie Estrella, Angeli Bayani

Director:Kenneth Dagatan
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A slasher in the vein of ’80s holiday treats like “My Bloody Valentine” and “April Fool’s Day,” “Thanksgiving” is the movie horror superfan Eli Roth seemed destined to direct.

Roth heads to his native Massachusetts for some throwback fun in this feature-length spin on his faux “Grindhouse” trailer. A year after a tragic Black Friday stampede, someone is killing off the residents of Plymouth. With game performances from final girl Nell Verlaque and Patrick Dempsey as the local sheriff, this bloody tale hits all the touchstones with a clear love of the genre. Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating:  Horror, Mystery & thriller

Director: Eli Roth

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Evil Dead Rise(2023)
Lee Cronin’s gory tribute to the Sam Raimi series has plenty of Easter eggs for fans, but banks on the changed scenery of an apartment complex (vs. a cabin in the woods) to paint on a different canvas.

A young aunt is stuck in a high-rise while her sister becomes a deadbeat hell-bent on killing her children, and there is a massive amount of viscera as each gory scene keeps things unbalanced. Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland are top-notch as the sisters, the former heroic and the latter evil as hell. A great wraparound tale, as well as a gnarly new monster added to “Dead” lore, leave things primed for a sixth movie. Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating: R (Some Language|Gore|Strong Bloody Horror Violence)

Lily Sullivan, Alyssa Sutherland, Morgan Davies, Gabrielle Echols, Nell Fisher

Director: Lee Cronin

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Infinity Pool(2023)
Between his disruptive role in the last season of “Succession” and his performance in “Infinity Pool,” Alexander Skarsgård spent 2023 brutally skewering the wealthy.

Directed by “Possessor” helmer Brandon Cronenberg, James (Skarsgård) is a novelist who marries rich and starts to enjoy the violent, sexual bacchanalia engaged in by those staying on vacation destination Li Tolqa. But if the 1% have too much fun, they’re cloned and killed for a price, something which seems obscene to Foster at first but then gives him a thrill. The film is a blend of psychedelic images and distressing brutality, watching James as he sheds his humanity like a second skin. Mia Goth does excellent supporting work as a seemingly normal tourist who soon swings into batshit mode and walks away with the movie. Best Horror Movies 2023


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Beau Is Afraid(2023)
Another divisive stunner, Ari Aster’s “Midsommar” follow-up analyzes anxiety with such a microscopic lens that it’s hard to breathe through long stretches. J

oaquin Phoenix plays the titular Beau, whose nerves get the best of him morning, noon, and night. Living in a rundown near-future neighborhood, this three-hour beast is thick on satire and social commentary. The plot revolves around Beau’s constantly thwarted travels to visit his mother, who conjures the bulk of his anxiety. “Afraid” was an expensive bomb for A24, but it will inevitably find a cult audience on streaming. Give it 30 years and it’ll be taught in film school. In the meantime, this suffocating tale is a waking nightmare. Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating: R (Graphic Nudity| Drug Use|Language| Sexual Content| Strong Violent Content)

Director: Ari Aster

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When Evil Lurks(2023)
Demián Rugna’s “When Evil Lurks” is one of the darkest films of the year, with gore and shocks that keep things from getting too heavy.

Ezequiel Rodriguez and Demián Salomon are two brothers who accidentally unleash a demon into the countryside that can possess people and make them do terrible things. Cue many disturbing scenes where merciless, malevolent beings tear families apart in the blink of an eye. Some distressing violence against children and a character with autism elevate the intensity of this Argentinean co-production beyond American fare, but for fans of more extreme storytelling, “When Evil Lurks” is a highlight. Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating: R (Graphic Nudity| Drug Use|Language| Sexual Content| Strong Violent Content)

Starring:Ezequiel Rodriguez, Demián Salomon, Luis Ziembrowski, Silvia Sabater, Marcelo Michinaux

Director: Demián Rugna

Image Credit-Wikipedia

Talk To Me(2022)

From festival darling to A24’s highest-grossing horror title domestically, “Talk to Me” was the talk of horror fans over the summer. With inventive imagery and shocking gore, twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou elevate the style

they developed on their YouTube channel RackaRacka to tell the story of moody teen Mia (a fearless Sophie Wilde). When a supernatural party trick that communicates with the dead becomes a viral sensation, Mia tries to connect with her late mother, and the results are terrifying. The Philippou brothers keep everything off-kilter: All of the characters are worth caring about, even the annoying ones; places of refuge like hospitals and well-lit parties become insidious quickly; and there is a very real sense that this is exactly how dumb, young teens would act if they could easily pierce the veil between the living and the dead. Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating: R (Some Sexual Material| Language Throughout| Strong/Bloody Violent Content)

Sophie Wilde, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, Otis Dhanji, Miranda Otto, Zoe Terakes, Chris Alosio, Marcus Johnson, Alexandria Steffensen,

Image Credit-Wikipedia


Easily the most divisive film of the year — and one that seems unlikely to get knocked from this top spot — Kyle Edward Ball’s

debut feature walks the tightrope of narrative and art piece; anxiety and tedium; fantasy and reality. Shot at his childhood home for $15,000, Ball recreates the specific fears of growing up better than scores of auteurs could imagine. For those willing to suspend attention spans to dive into something completely new, “Skinamarink” will alter perceptions of how things go bump in the night. Best Horror Movies 2023


Rating: R (Some Sexual Material| Language Throughout| Strong/Bloody Violent Content)
Starring:Lucas Paul, Dali Rose Tetreault, Ross Paul, Jaime Hill
Director: Kyle Edward Ball

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