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80s horror movie posters

80s best horror movie posters
80s horror movie posters. Any movie that wants to do well needs to have good marketing. People are very visual and emotional when watching scary movies, so a good poster can grab their attention and get them thinking. A shocking picture can also add to the memory of a film and make it easier to remember. There were many different things in the 1980s, from scary monsters and bloody slasher movies to creepy killer dolls. If you think of the decade, these are some of the best pictures that come to mind. here 80s best horror movie posters
Image Credit- IMDb
Image Credit-IMDb

The Shining (1980)

The Lost Boys (1987)

C.H.U.D (1984)

The Burning (1981)

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The Stuff (1985)

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CreepShow 2(1987)

Image Credit-IMDb

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